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march 30, 2013 11:09am

DIMTS Empaneled GPS Tracker G-71 for PSV in Delhi NCR

In an effort to make Public Transport more secure, and better for general public, transport department of Delhi has decided to ensure the installation of GPS tracking devices in all the Public Service Vehicles. DIMTS was given the responsibility to Empanel vendors who have quality products, and can meet the technical requirements.

Though there are many products available in the market that are currently being used for GPS tracking of vehicles, unfortunately, it has also led inferior quality products to be brought into market. DIMTS with its stringent technical guidelines, and strong technical team with immense experience and expertise ensured that only high quality products are listed and emapaneled for the process. The devices submitted were tested on multiple parameters, multiple times for their quality, and only those that met the requirements were listed.

It has been our commitment and passion towards quality products and cost effective end-to-end solutions for fleet management, vehicle tracking, that our product G-71 customized to its perfection was emapenled by DIMTS as one of the first GPS tracker device to pass all the tests and meet all the guidelines.

G-71 GPS tracker is equipped with high class GPS / GSM chipset with higher capabilities and abilities to work in even extreme weather conditions. A long lasting battery, a water proof, dust proof internationally certified IP65 casing, all internal antennas, capabilities for communication with serial peripheral devices, and support for two way communication puts G-71 GPS tracker best in its class.

As per recent notification from Delhi Transport Department all Gramin Seva needs to install GPS trackers before the last date 30-May-2013, while all the Contract Carriage Buses needs to get the mandatory GPS tracker installed by 30-04-2013. Dynakode has readied a team of expert technicians, field staff to work round the clock to ensure that no one misses the deadline, and provide best of services to the owners of Gramin Seva and Contract Carriage Buses.

Posted By: aashish

november 15, 2012 02:11pm

Car theft from Parking - How it could have been prevented or say Recovered

Undestandably it makes a lots of sense to park your car at any of the metro station and board the metro to your destination. A green/red color slip the attendant gives out with the assurance that your car is safe. But, is it really safe.

Was reading an article couple of days back - Here (Hindustan times) which goes on saying that "In Noida, car thieves work in nexus with parking lot attendants, claim police sources. Car thefts are quite common at parking lots in Sector 18, 29, 36, 30 32,15,29 and 62." And, we certainly thought with that green slip safely in our wallet assures us of the safety of our car.

At times we are in hurry to reach our destination, and may even handover keys to parking attendant, or even, forget to lock the doors of the car. Why limit to car, even motorcycles are as much venerable. So how does one make sure the vehicle is safe. "Gear Locks", "Steering Locks", "Alarm Systems" Yes, you are right, these do act as deterrence for theft. And, you are a very careful owner if you DO use the above security equipments, there is very rare chance of someone putting an effort to steal a car with so many locks. Obviously, there will be other cars which do not have these, or owner has forgotten to put them on.

For those, who do not mind to handover the keys to parking attendants or use valet parking, or are always in a hurry and rely on keychain remote to lock their cars, the risk is higher. The risk to lose your car, and the follow-up harassment or indifference since that is something not strange, it happens ( nearly 40 times a day in our city every day ). What shall one do.

stolen vehicle gps tracking blog (source: Hindustan Times)


provides a GPS tracking device, that monitors your vehicle every minute for its location, and once armed it also alerts you on 'SMS' for any impact, or un-authorized engine start or even un-authorized door opening. You may be watching a movie or busy in your office or shopping, you get the alert right on your mobile the moment it happens. Not limited to that, the inbuilt siren of the device if armed, gets activated and raise the alarm.

You get mobile application to control your vehicle. You can also immobilize the vehicle from being driven off, or you can track the location of your vehicle anytime 24/7 on your mobile or web application. The application can add upto as many vehicles with device installed, and can be pre-configured to send alerts to three numbers simultaneously. To trace your vehicle you are not dependent on parking assistant, and with minimal help from Police, you can easily recover your vehicle in time.

Please feel free to contact us or drop us your query, we would be happy to respond.

Posted By: aashish

november 06, 2012 06:25pm

USER CASE : Identifying the material theft from transport vehicles

This was the first time we encountered such an issue, but it is definitely worth noting.

Story Our client is a manufacturing company producing high quality corrugated boards. These are transferred from their manufacturing units to ware houses and client location using the company owned vehicles and at time market hired vehicles. At times Customers had raised the concerns on quantity of product delivered to them, though dispatch manager did not find any error at warehouse or the weigh challans of the vehicles used.

Some couple of months back, owing to other requirement of tracking and monitoring the company owned vehicles, Dynakode GPS / AVTS system was contracted and installed in these vehicles. Dynakode tracking platform sends daily automated reports for every 15 minute interval with location, speed, and stop duration to registered email addresses every midnight. On scrutinizing these reports for a week or so, an interesting fact came to light.

Most of the vehicles were taking a detour after leaving warehouse to some location off the highway, and would stay there for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. These vehicles wouldn’t stop on their way back, but only when the trip originated from ware house. Manager informed the owners, and all the reports were monitored for one more week to establish the relation.

The realization that something not good came, when it was found that most of the loaded vehicles would stop at a shop and offload some of the stuff on every trip to make extra money for Drivers and the shop owner. The action taken was immediate and strict, plugging in the loop.

The customer concerns were not un-founded, infact, after deployment of Dynakode vehicle tracking system one of the loophole that could have never been identified otherwise, was easily detected and with enough proof. The client was able to save the reputation and a long earned name in the market. The returns on investment for deploying Dynakode VTS were realized in first few weeks of deployment itself.

We were delighted to know, how even our automated daily reports can save the day for our Customers.


Posted By: aashish

september 24, 2012 03:37pm

GPS Tracking System - A Value add for Public Trasnport Vehicles

With rising fuel prices, and ever increasing traffic on the roads, the objective of any Government remains to provide an efficient public transport system, that can cater to the needs of citizens. People still prefer to use private vehicle over the public transport system owing to the reason that they do not know the public vehicle scheduling information and its arrival timing at any predefined bus stops. It is possible to motivate people to use public transport if the scheduling information and arrival times on different predefined stops can be provided on different channels.

Dynakode provides a GPS/GPRS tracking system for Public Transport system where the current location, and ETA of any vehicle on any predefined bus stop can be determined and information can be either displayed on the stops or provided to people in general over different channels. Say - Mobile Web Page, SMS, or Transport website.

Knowing in advance the expected arrival times of a bus / other public vehicles can really motivate people in general to use the service instead of taking out personal vehicle. With the system in place, the transport department can also plan its route in more efficient and effective manner depending upon demand and supply in any particular region in a given time slot.
Salient Features
- Estimate and display arrival times of Buses at different predefined stops
- Provide Road Side Assistance in event of break down of a bus
- Reduce waiting times at Bus Stops
- Multiple Channel information system in Real Time
- Optional Passenger Information Displays on bus stops
- Optional vehicle diagnostic support
- Optional fuel level based on in-vehicle readings

There is a lot that can be and should be done to make our public transport system a preferred mode of traveling.

Posted By: aashish

september 15, 2012 07:27pm

GPS tracking system for Schools

- a delight for Parents and Operations Staff

Exactly at 7:15AM in the morning I leave my house with my daughter school bag in one hand, and a water bottle. And, we don't want to be late lest we miss the bus.
Again at 1:30PM in the afternoon my wife has to be there at the bus stop to pick my daughter back. This has become a daily routine for us.

"0912waiting.png " At times when the bus is late, or if it appears that we are late, the first thing to do is to call School / Helper in the school bus and ask for location of the bus. Sometimes School doesn't have an answer why bus is late, or helper is not able to take the call. And, suddenly panic button is pressed with calls to everyone. A very common scenario for the parents whose ward are using the transport facility from the school.

At School

, the phone never stops ringing, imagine you have got 12 buses with 30 students in each, and you are getting frantic calls every morning / afternoon trying to find out the location of bus. Howsoever you prepare your route charts there is something that still misses out, and since you do not have data in hand to verify, you base your calculations on the feedback from helper/driver of the bus.

The scenario completely changes once you have a GPS/GPRS tracking system installed in your school bus. Once the system is installed, your staff gets the real time updates on the movement of your school buses and their current location. Not limited to that, you also get to know more about driving behavior of these buses and you got all the data with you to analyze and optimize the routes. It could still get better if you get RFID based ID cards to be swiped or shown to a reader while boarding or de-boarding the bus. That would update your central
system with details and can be integrated with attendance system. The RoI can be calculated based on saved fuel costs, saved time and need of more staff to manage the fleets, beside a better upkeep of fleet.

You can define GeoFences on the stops and get alerted at what time bus reaches and how much is the variation from stipulated time, to support your optimization of routes.

In case of a break down, Driver can alert the authorities with the bus current location about the incident, and a prompt road side assistance can be provided.


system provides a mobile interface for parents, where in they can check the current location of the bus that is supposed to come in to pick or drop their ward. With all the contact information updated on the system, Parents always have the latest information on whom to contact, if theres need to.

With the GPS/GPRS tracking system installed, the scenario changes. I need to check on my phone the current location of the bus, and ETA on my stop. Now I can reach the bus stop in time, and need not wait there for long for bus to arrive. In the afternoon my wife can check on her mobile the ETA of the bus, and can accordingly reach the bus stop.

School operations staff, have the live view of current location of all the buses, and if any of it requires assistance. Management is happy to get concise reports on the movements and driving behavior, if need be. The reports also help in optimizing the routes and plan better management. The technology can provide more add ons and the solution can be tailor made as per the requirements. Please feel free to post to us your requirements and we shall prepare the best technology solution for your needs.

Recommended Product : DAT 1.0 GPS Tracker

Posted By: aashish