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september 30, 2014 04:17pm

Tips on choosing the right GPS Service Provider in India

Making the right choice when it comes to the VTS and Fleet management systems can be tricky. Systems can be complicated and can contain bugs which would mean wrong information. For an example, lots of graphics could lead to screen freezing etc. The information available in the market can be misleading, the demo versions can be complicated, the reports confusing.

As a VTS and GPS Technology specialist, I’ve often found that the best tools for any customer are tools that are simple, effective, comprehensive and not complicated. Below are three questions which if answered properly will ensure that your GPS service provider will be able to get you the maximum advantage for your business.

Thorough Demonstration

One of the common tendencies observed in potential buyers is to avoid detailed questioning about and around your business. Quite a few of them become paranoid when their potential service provider asks them a lot of questions while demonstrating their VTS system.

But then that is one of the ways to ensure that your needs are matched correctly with his services and solutions. Some of the sample questions could be like:

• What is your business all about?
• What kind of consignments are transported in your business?
• Why do you want them to be tracked(what’s your end objective)?
• What else is it that you want monitored apart from just the location?
• Is temperature, fuel costs, detours, vehicle safety, consignment stealth, vehicle maintenance, wear and tear or driver behavior etc. also a cause of concern for you?

It is important to understand that a good service provider will always need answers to questions including but not limited to above. The simple reason is that the better he understands the concerns, the more or less features can be added to your reports, the better is the possibility of customizing the intelligence per your need.

0914GPS tracking device.png

Rental Communication

While I’m sure you’ve read a lot of advice about how your rental charges (if you opt for a rental model) should include endless support, endless facilities all included in the price that approach might not always be the best approach. It is imperative therefore to maintain a clear and transparent rental communication.

This is your time to ask questions! Ask as many as you want! Some of the questions you might want to ask could be:
• What is the committed SLA?
• How long is the warranty period?
• What is the regular maintenance cycle?
• Is the maintenance support proactive or on request?
• What kind of reports do they provide?
• Do they provide mobile tracking?
• Any other questions related to your specific needs.

As a professional I always recommend honest stating of needs. The worse that could happen with me is that my quotation might be higher than my competitor, and one of the clients might not hire me. However, when I finally work with a client, there is an assurance that my scope of work will be well defined and that I will be able to keep my client happy with the quality and excellence of the defined scope of work.

Strong Customer Support and Easy Account Closure

A common problem that is faced with Vehicle Tracking Companies in India is that while their costs are low, the after sales support and account closure can be very tricky. Most do not offer proactive maintenance. And account closure could lead to penalties or closure charges, especially in the rental model.

Before you finalize which GPS Service provider do you want to purchase / rent services, devices and solutions from, the best solution will be to discuss with them in detail and listen to what their vision to business and strategy is. That will help you make a better choice for sure!

Posted By: aashish

june 07, 2014 10:56am

Case: Use of RFID for Schools Buses

Use of RFID for Schools Buses

Very recently during one of my meeting with a Director of esteemed school in Delhi / NCR, I was provided with a interesting case.

A concerned father after leaving her daughter at the bus stop, would silently follow the bus to the school, and make sure that his daughter actually boarded the bus, and enters the school. While in the late afternoon, would again do the similar monitoring.

This appears to be an extreme case, but it is on the rise. Parents are concerned, if their child is actually going to the school, and not bunking the school to go out with the friends. Beside, imagine a scenario - Child left from home, but did not board the school bus, does parents know about this, does school knows about this. What would parents do if they actually come to know. How would school ensure that parents are in know how of the where about of their child.

Agreed, some schools have adopted Attendance management system, that sends back to parents an SMS stating their child presence or absence from school. And that is done when Child has actually entered the school. For most of parents like us, the school responsibility starts from the point the child has boarded the school provided transportation.

Technology at help again. Dynakode has developed an integrated solution, that combines the power of GPS and RFID together. A RFID reader is installed in each bus, which is connected to the GPS system, reporting its location at regular interval.


The RFID reader is installed near the School bus gate, as soon as child boards the bus, the RFID reader detects the RFID Tag enabled ID card of the child and reports back to the school with the location data. School now has record of which child boarded the bus at what location and at what time.

This information can be relayed back to the parents over a mobile app, SMS, or any other means. Similarly in the afternoon, while leaving the bus, the child ID card is read and updated on the central monitoring server. Hence, we now have the information on location and time when the child boarded off the bus. A very useful information tool appreciated mostly by the concerned parents.

Reach us at +91 8800598880/81/82 for information on implementation and tailor made solutions.

Also known as -

School Bus GPS & RFID Solution
School Bus Attendance System

Posted By: aashish

may 14, 2014 08:31pm

End of Fake Travel Expense Claims - Solution

Many organizations today face a challenging situation where the employee claims to have traveled more distance at more locations with a fat travel expense reimbursement claim. At times owing to lack of fool proof mechanism to check the claim, the reimbursements are cleared. The employees adapting these un-ethical practice make it a tool to earn some extra money every time. These people get more brazen in their claims with no checks in place.

Even our MLA's travel 1200KM on average every day on Roads, if one has to believe that.

Yes, everyone know its a problem, and everyone else also knows putting elaborate TA claim forms and random checks helps little. Its like Traffic Police announcing a drive, and we assume its for increasing collection and then back to same situation.

In today's business world, there are only few opportunities to genuinely reduce everyday operations cost without causing any major disruptions. This is one of those genuine opportunity.

Solution, one that works, is as follows -

1. Get the vehicle of your employees fitted with GPS. Make sure you install a good quality GPS unit (Read:) , to prevent any tampering, mishandling, or manipulations.
- You get exact location reports being covered by your employee
- You get distance traveled for which the claim is submitted
- You get the information on exact times of arrival and departure from a location
- You get to know where your employee spends their time and how much

The best part is that you create a positive perception from day one, that all the activity are being recorded digitally and authorities in the company now has a way to verify and validate the claims.

051440x40.png Our Achievement:
Using Dynakode GPS tracking system, our clients have been able to reduce the fake travel expense claims to almost nill. Also, the system has been able to enforce the punctuality and discipline among the employees.

Posted By: aashish

march 30, 2013 11:09am

DIMTS Empaneled GPS Tracker G-71 for PSV in Delhi NCR

In an effort to make Public Transport more secure, and better for general public, transport department of Delhi has decided to ensure the installation of GPS tracking devices in all the Public Service Vehicles. DIMTS was given the responsibility to Empanel vendors who have quality products, and can meet the technical requirements.

Though there are many products available in the market that are currently being used for GPS tracking of vehicles, unfortunately, it has also led inferior quality products to be brought into market. DIMTS with its stringent technical guidelines, and strong technical team with immense experience and expertise ensured that only high quality products are listed and emapaneled for the process. The devices submitted were tested on multiple parameters, multiple times for their quality, and only those that met the requirements were listed.

It has been our commitment and passion towards quality products and cost effective end-to-end solutions for fleet management, vehicle tracking, that our product G-71 customized to its perfection was emapenled by DIMTS as one of the first GPS tracker device to pass all the tests and meet all the guidelines.

G-71 GPS tracker is equipped with high class GPS / GSM chipset with higher capabilities and abilities to work in even extreme weather conditions. A long lasting battery, a water proof, dust proof internationally certified IP65 casing, all internal antennas, capabilities for communication with serial peripheral devices, and support for two way communication puts G-71 GPS tracker best in its class.

As per recent notification from Delhi Transport Department all Gramin Seva needs to install GPS trackers before the last date 30-May-2013, while all the Contract Carriage Buses needs to get the mandatory GPS tracker installed by 30-04-2013. Dynakode has readied a team of expert technicians, field staff to work round the clock to ensure that no one misses the deadline, and provide best of services to the owners of Gramin Seva and Contract Carriage Buses.

Posted By: aashish

november 15, 2012 02:11pm

Car theft from Parking - How it could have been prevented or say Recovered

Undestandably it makes a lots of sense to park your car at any of the metro station and board the metro to your destination. A green/red color slip the attendant gives out with the assurance that your car is safe. But, is it really safe.

Was reading an article couple of days back - Here (Hindustan times) which goes on saying that "In Noida, car thieves work in nexus with parking lot attendants, claim police sources. Car thefts are quite common at parking lots in Sector 18, 29, 36, 30 32,15,29 and 62." And, we certainly thought with that green slip safely in our wallet assures us of the safety of our car.

At times we are in hurry to reach our destination, and may even handover keys to parking attendant, or even, forget to lock the doors of the car. Why limit to car, even motorcycles are as much venerable. So how does one make sure the vehicle is safe. "Gear Locks", "Steering Locks", "Alarm Systems" Yes, you are right, these do act as deterrence for theft. And, you are a very careful owner if you DO use the above security equipments, there is very rare chance of someone putting an effort to steal a car with so many locks. Obviously, there will be other cars which do not have these, or owner has forgotten to put them on.

For those, who do not mind to handover the keys to parking attendants or use valet parking, or are always in a hurry and rely on keychain remote to lock their cars, the risk is higher. The risk to lose your car, and the follow-up harassment or indifference since that is something not strange, it happens ( nearly 40 times a day in our city every day ). What shall one do.

stolen vehicle gps tracking blog (source: Hindustan Times)


provides a GPS tracking device, that monitors your vehicle every minute for its location, and once armed it also alerts you on 'SMS' for any impact, or un-authorized engine start or even un-authorized door opening. You may be watching a movie or busy in your office or shopping, you get the alert right on your mobile the moment it happens. Not limited to that, the inbuilt siren of the device if armed, gets activated and raise the alarm.

You get mobile application to control your vehicle. You can also immobilize the vehicle from being driven off, or you can track the location of your vehicle anytime 24/7 on your mobile or web application. The application can add upto as many vehicles with device installed, and can be pre-configured to send alerts to three numbers simultaneously. To trace your vehicle you are not dependent on parking assistant, and with minimal help from Police, you can easily recover your vehicle in time.

Please feel free to contact us or drop us your query, we would be happy to respond.

Posted By: aashish