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Last Mile Delivery

The final leg between a retailer’s distribution center and the consumer’s doorstep is known as the “last mile,” and it is generally the most expensive part of the whole product journey. This is the step that requires utmost attention, being the final and the most crucial leg – as this is the only touchpoint with the customer who is waiting for the goods ordered.

COST, EXPERIENCE, EFFICIENCY, And FRICTION are the important driving factor in last mile delivery being the only point where customer interaction is required.

COST: As has been researched, 28% of the total delivery cost to a business comes from the last-mile. This goes up, if SOP are not followed.

EXPERIENCE: Customers today want the full, real time visibility over their deliveries that is, they want to be able to see where the driver is and exactly when they will arrive.

EFFICEINCY: Among other reasons, the requirement for increased efficiency is predicated on the desire for faster deliveries. On-demand has penetrated every industry and business, and online retail is no exception.

FRICTION: The flow of information has to be real time, relevant and without any friction. This helps the driving team to take decisions quickly, and are valuable inputs to strategic expansions.


Dynakode introduces its innovative solution tailor made for Optimizing the Last Mile Delivery – OPTIMUS!!

Optimus works seamlessly with your POS System and Dispatch System and can bring insights into trends and patterns that happen during your last mile delivery process. The solution is based on a robust time-series database which can handle millions of transactions and generate meaningful reports using our smart data analytics engine.

In addition to the long-term benefits with our data analysis, the immediate benefits of Optimus include:

  1. Monitoring the Deliveries in Real Time using state of the art GPS Devices on Maps of your choice
  2. APIs available for Android and iOS Devices integration and any other application that you wish to use
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience as you can display the delivery location to the end-user, thereby increasing the transparency, an aspect loved by consumers across markets.
  4. Metrics Collection in real time for improving the KPIs for your fleet.
  5. Improved Efficiency as every delivery is closed with an immediate feedback.

How Optimus Optimizes Operations and Improves Efficiency

This is the holy matrimony between technology and ground operations. Optimus consists of use of state of the art technology such as GPS, GPRS, RFID, BLE, SAAS based dashboards, tracking, monitoring, and alerting engines. The delivery vehicle is fitted with a real time GPS tracker, with enhanced scanning capabilities to gather information on units to be delivered. The units are scanned using low cost BLE tags Or RFID tags. This provides visibility on tracking of order mapped to the delivery vehicle.

Your organization increases its brand value as Customers can track their deliveries in real time which also assists the Ground Ops Team with hassle-free and quicker deliveries as minimal coordination is required when the customers have complete transparency of the delivery process.

Optimus with its built-in ability integrates with existing system for data input, and tracks every timestamp of action to create meaningful insights and patterns using a smart analytics engine. The delivery stations and central office is equipped with an Android Based SMART TV monitoring application. The application presents a one-view dashboard, all the location centers can be monitored from a single screen.

The customized indicators collected provide real time performance overview, drilled down to individual delivery using the fleet. The utilization of fleet provides a mechanism to strategically plan your delivery assets to derive maximum operational benefit.

Recent deployments

  • Pizza Delivery

With Optimus, your delivery mechanism is driven towards the most optimized and efficient across the industry.
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